I'm a deferred pensioner

You are a deferred pensioner if you have previously been an actively contributing member of the Compass Group Pension Plan and have left the Company or left the pension scheme with accrued benefits that have not yet come into payment.

When you left the Company and/or pension scheme you will have received a leaving service statement and it is this statement that sets out the benefits that are held in the Compass Group Pension Plan on your behalf and other details about how your pension might increase during the period before your pension commences.

Latest News

The Trustee has decided to withdraw a number of the AVC funds on offer for new investments with AXA following advice received from its professional advisers. This follows a period of continued under-performance against expectations. These are the UK Equity Fund; the AXA Newton Continental European Fund; the Europe Fund and the Japan Equity Fund.  If you are already invested in any of these funds you may wish to seek independent financial advice as to whether these funds continue to be appropriate for you or if you should transfer to one of the other available funds.

Between the date of leaving service, and your deferred pension coming into payment, pensions are increased in line with the requirements of statutory revaluation. Before 1 January 2011 the basis used for statutory revaluation was increases in the Retail Prices Index ('RPI') up to a certain limit. From 1 January 2011 the statutory basis changed from RPI to increases in the Consumer Prices Index ('CPI'). The Trustee took legal advice to determine the impact of this change and also raised the matter with the Company. After much deliberation it can now be confirmed that CPI is the basis applied to any revaluation after 1 January 2011. Increases in CPI are generally lower than increases in RPI.